Multi-Broadcasters and Many Viewers using RTCMultiConnection.js!

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Your Role?

How it works?

  1. There can be random number of broadcasters.
  2. All broadcasters will be interconnected!
  3. All broadcasters can see/talk with each other!
  4. There can be random number of anonymous viewers.
  5. All viewers can watch/listen videos from all broadcasters!

Real-life scenarios?

  1. 5 CEOs can setup a presentation with many employees!
  2. 5 Teachers can teach many students in the same room!
  3. Two ore more doctors can inspect two or more patients while LIVE teaching many students!

How to use it?

  1. 1st Tab: There MUST always be a room-moderator. Select "Room Moderator" and click "continue".
  2. 2nd Tab: Select "Anonymous Viewer" if you want to anonymously watch/listen all videos.
  3. 3rd Tab: Select "Broadcaster" if you want to setup two-way or multi-directional video chat with all other broadcasters.


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