Join with/without camera using RTCMultiConnection

Copyright © 2013 Muaz Khan <@muazkh >.


or open new session:

Local Media Stream

Getting started with RTCMultiConnection

            <script src="https://www.webrtc-experiment.com/RTCMultiConnection-v1.4.js"></script> <script> var connection = new
            RTCMultiConnection(); // force RTCMultiConnection to not attach local stream connection.
            dontAttachStream = true; // to create/open a new session connection.
            open('session-id'); // if someone already created a session; to join it: use "connect" method connection.
            connect('session-id'); </script>

RTCMultiConnection features:

  1. You can open multi-sessions and multi-connections — in the same page
  2. You can share files of any size — directly
  3. You can share text messages of any length
  4. You can share one-stream in many unique ways — in the same page

Source code and Documentation on Github!