RTCMultiConnection Multi-Session Establishment ® Muaz Khan

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This demo is out-dated i.e. deprecated (written in 2013).

Please try other demos: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RTCMultiConnection

Open Four Unique Sessions

Select and join a session:

Why multi-sessions?

  1. Sometimes you want to one-way broadcast your video for users who have no-camera or no-microphone
  2. You may want to allow audio-conferencing along with video-conferencing in the same session / same stream!
  3. You may want to open one-to-one ports between main-peer and the server to record speech or to further broadcast the stream
  4. You may want to allow end-users to anonymously join/view main-video session or chatting room
  5. You may want to open one-to-one private session between chairperson and CEO! — in the same session; same page!
There are many other use-cases of multi-sessions.


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